Four Hour Consultation

Our 4 hour consultation is our most popular entry-way option for help with SAML-based federated authentication or Single Sign-on. With our 4 hour SSO consultation, we help our customers solve SAML or Single Sign-on configuration and integration issues. Many times our customers need more than 4 hours help, and we can then extend it into a larger project when needed!

For our 4 hour consultation, typically we will start out with a 1-2 hour phone call, usually with a shared desktop session, to help get to know your environment and to see the problem from your perspective. Next we do offline research or trouble shooting, and we return for a second phone call to use the remainder of the time to help implement a fix or discuss next steps.

Common 4-hour Consulting Services:

  • Shibboleth Support
  • SimpleSAMLphp Support
  • ADFS Support
  • IdP and SP Configuration Issues
  • SSO Configuration and Integration Issues
  • Custom Application SSO Integration issues
  • Architecture questions and design review
  • Emergency Support

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